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Polarizing Microscopes
MP720-3 with Polarized micro melting point apparatus

Polarized melting point apparatus Features:
1,Unique entity seamless thermal structure , thermal fast , uniform temperature distribution , heat, no oxidation , long life , small size, high power, low energy consumption , rapid heating, can withstand prolonged uninterrupted work ;
2,High thermal isolation unique design, low temperature effective isolation , when the high temperature stage up to 400 , safe grip outer body is not hot , and no water ;
3,DC low voltage heating security p no radiation ;
4,Humanized design , operation is extremely easy to use ;
5,Environment adaptive fuzzy logic control mode , setting fast, high precision , small fluctuation , even under relatively harsh environments , the system can achieve high-precision control. Provide the operator with the help of the excellent low temperature microscopic observation of the object .

Polarized melting point apparatus technical indicators
Input Power : AC 220V 10% 45-60HZ
Power consumption : 75W
Temperature range: room temperature ~ 400
High temperature thermal units outside the body : hot body 400 ; 25 outside 70
Maximum loading weight : 200 g
Work mode: Continuous
Accuracy : Accuracy: 0.5% full range
System fluctuation : 1
The maximum heating rate : room temperature -100 40 second
The slowest heating rate : 36 seconds /
Up to 400 Time : 4 hours
You can set the heating rate range 0.5- 36 seconds /
Instantly heated response time : 0.01 second
Table Dimensions : 110mm, Thickness : 12 mm
Table Face Size : 30mm

MP720-3 Polarizing Microscope Outfits:





WF 10X-18mm

WF 10X-18 mm (Reticule 0.1mm)

Plan Objective



20 (S)

40 (S)

60 (S)

Seidentopf Binocular Head

Inclined 30, Rotatable 360,
Interpupilary Distance: 50-75mm.

Trinocular Head

Inclined 30, Rotatable 360,
Interpupilary Distance: 50-75mm.
Light Distribution: 0:100



Polarizing Unit

Rotatable 360(Module Type, Can Be Locked)

Bertrand Lens

Inbuilt, Center Adjustable


First Class Red


Quartz Wedge

(- Class)

Revolving Round Stage

Rotatable 360, Center Adjustable, Division 1, Vernier division 6

Polarizing Attached Mechanical Stage


Abbe N.A. 1.25 Non-stress

Polarizing Unit with Scale

Rotatable 360,
Can Be Locked

Koehler Illumination

6V/20W Halogen Lamp

6V/30W Halogen Lamp

2 A Fuse

Spare: 1 pc







0.57(Focus Adjustable), 1

Adaptor for Digital Camera

Reflecting Polarizing Unit

Halogen Lamp House 12V/50W

Power House

Diaphragm Choosing Slide

Polarizer Choosing Slide

Note: In Table Is Standard Attachment. Is Optional Accessories
Packing Size: 750mm X 360mm X 450mm
Gross Weight: 16 kgs Net Weight: 12.5 kgs

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