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Digital Microscopes >> Motorized Auto-Focus
MJ6530D Motorized Auto-Focus Metallurgical Microscope

1, MJ6530D Motorized Auto-Focus Microscope integration the advantages of modern aesthetics and the edge of disciplines to achieve the automation of microscopes in laboratory.
2, Four motor drive, objective nosepiecestage and coarse & fine adjustment can be controlled manually or motorized .Adoption of progressive technological Digital dimmer,which divided the brightness of halogen lamp into 100 step.
3, Megapixels camera system,USB 2.0 plugs;real-time preview is up to 30 frames/sec.
4, Built-in dynamic focusing system,auto-focus without computer.
5, High precision positioning leading screw stag,quickly receiving the clearest images by auto-focus.Auto slice scanning. recognizing are controlled by the computer.
6, Network remote control system for real-time teaching etc.

   High precision  leading screw stag makes sure the quality of the images.
   The touchpad control box of MJ6530D motorized auto-focus microscope is in line with the man-machine integration.
   Built-in dynamic focusing system,auto-focus without computer.


MJ6530D-TR MJ6530D-R
Optical System Infinite optical system
Eyepiece Tube  Seidentopf Type Trinocular Head inclined
 at 30,Interpupillary 48-75mm
Eyepiece Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10X/22
Camera 3.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Chip
Resolution ratio: 2048X1536
3.2umX3.2um      Pixel size, 3.2umX3.2um
Maximum frame rate: 2048X1536   12f/s
2048X1536    12 f/s 
1600X1200    20f/s
1280X1024    27f/s
1024X768     43f/s
Exposure:  Manual or auto exposure,time adjustable
Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece
Adapter 2  BF/DF Adapter
Infinite Plan 
Achromatic Objective
5x/ 0.12/ / - (BF&DF)     WD 12mm
10x/ 0.25/ / - (BF&DF)    WD 10.0mm
20x/ 0.4/ / 0 (BF&DF)     WD 4.30mm
50x/ 0.75/ / 0 (BF&DF)    WD 0.32mm
100x/0.8//0(BF&DF)        WD 2mm
40x/0.65//0.17             WD 0.54mm
100x/1.25//0.17            WD 0.13mm
40x/0.6//0(BF&DF)          WD 2.90mm
Maximum Sample Hejqht 30mm
Incident Light 
24/V100W Halogen light,lightness adjustable
Kohler illumination and aspherical condenser
Polarizer and analyzer
An integrate device foe poliarizer and analyzer
Blue,Green,Yellow and Ground glass
Transmitted Light  NA09/0.25  Swing-out condenser  NA0.9/0.25
Halogen lighr and aspherical condenser
Blue filter
Filter ND25  ND6
Focusing Autofocus resolution<1µm
Leading screw stage precision<1µm
Specimen holder
Specimen preparation plate
Slide glass
USB2.0 cable
0.01mm Micrometer 
The control box of N-8000 Motorized Auto-Focus Microscope
9-PIN Control Port Line
15-PIN Control Port Line
25-PIN Control Port Line
9-PIN Serial Por Line
3.5mm auto focus signal cable
Motorized Auto-Focus Microscope Control Software
Specimen Presser 

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