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519CU Microscopy Camera 5.0 MegaPixel with Micrometrics SE software

Super Color Fidelity
The new generation 519CU camera builds on and improves upon the architecture of its predecessor by offering faster frame rates than ever possible before on USB 2.0 microscopy cameras. The 519CU camera delivers 7 frames per second at full resolution (2592 x 1932), which is three times the rate offered on prior models without any compromise in image quality as the noise level has been reduced by 90% with the introduction of a new heat dissipation and circuit design. With 32MB of onboard memory the 519CU holds a significant amount of data generated by the image sensor and then transfers captured images to the computer via USB 2.0 bulk transfers. This design promotes frame integrity, faster data rates and allows for multiple simultaneous camera connections. The 519CU is designed for use in brightfield microscopy applications.


Resolution 5.0 MP
Power USB Bus
Bit Depth 12-bit Digitization & Processing
8-bit RGB Uncompressed Output
Master Clock 48MHz
Enclosure Die Cast Aluminum
Microscope Interfacing Stainless Steel C-mount
Recommended Video Adaptor   0.4X
Sensor Technology CMOS
Pixel Array 2592H x 1932V Arbitrary Simultaneous Windowing, Binning 
& Sub-sampling
Sensitivity .053V/Lux-Second at 550nm
Pixel Size 2.2m x 2.2m
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 40.5dB
Imaging Area 5.70mm x 7.13mm
7.13mm Diagonal
Electronic Shutter Type Rolling
Frame Rate 7FPS at Full Resolution
Proportional to Window Size/Decimation Factor
Maximum Exposure Time 76 Seconds
OS Compatibility 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 7; 32-bit Windows Vista & XP
IR Filter BP680

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