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Microscopy Cameras >> VGA cameras
MC8 VGA Video Camera for microscope with build in cross hair / crosshair generator

This VGA High resolution Video camera for microscope is widely used in the fast and efficient online test site. The VGA camera is more suitable for producing large amount objects in all areas of fine microstructure of the test sites, video microscopy directly liberate the human body as microscopic eye and neck fatigue, but also replaced the cumbersome and unclear image flicker AV monitor, directly improve work efficiency.

1, a strong view of the VGA output ( It can be directly driven CRT/LCD monitors)
2, the combination of high-definition digital imaging: ( It improve the detection efficiency, quality and accuracy of detection)
3, first freeze camera view similar features: the introduction of online job real-time observation (to achieve product quality control)
4, shift the dynamic observation, smear-free and smooth view: (save time)
5, the same camera with the screen than on the first function: observations and model material compared to the same screen nuances glance
6, crosshair cursor can be changed the color: easy to distinguish the color effect of the measured object, the auxiliary positioning of the measuring point
7, all-digital control menu functions: (simple, fast, easy to understand, accurate)
8, view stable, flicker-free: (eye observation comfortable, fatigue)
9, automatically save the settings: (re-boot without duplication)
10, industrial design, beautiful shape style


Camera Model MC8
Output interface VGA
Lens Mount C or CS
Lens combination 1 / 2 inch new generation of image sensor imported from Japan
Image pixels 1.3 million pixel image format support 1024 * 768 display
Resolution 650lines
White balance digital adjustment mode
Brightness, contrast, color    digital adjustment mode
Cross hair cursor overlay or canceled, with seven kinds of color crosshairs
Refresh rate 35 PFS
Power supply DC5V
Shape Small size, beautiful appearance
Size 52*50*57mm
Weight 195g
Image of screen freeze 1 picture

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